Sunday, November 22, 2009


I feel like I have been missing in action lately, haven't spoken to any of the girls...I really needto call them and if you are reading this, I haven't forgotten you, promise!! xoxo
Brad and I have been flat out lately!! Trying to get the things we want done before christmas! Our garden out the front is not finished yet, but so far looking awesome and I am so proud of it, given that I am not a gardener and most things die on me...but I have designed this one and it is living!! We have all the pavers ripped up from around the pool-it won't be re-paved by christmas as this was soooo expensive ($8000) but when we manage to get the scrunge out of the pool (brad is going to the pool shop mon arvo-phew!!) it will be swimmable and have a shade sail and that's all that matters really!!
Still haven't finished or should I say started my christmas shopping other than a few bits and pieces here and there-I need to be organised as christmas is at our house this year! And I can't wait to set up my tree after I bought some nice decorations at Myer in Melbourne when we were there....BUT we need to wait until a certain young lady i.e. Mischa has other accommodation other than inside during the day, beacuse if I set it up now we won't have a tree!! (Insert eyeroll, she can be horrid sometimes!!).
Apart from that I have been working flat out and my next non -working day is thursday, not that I should complain!! Off to New Moon tonight at the movies, can't wait!!!!
Will try and upload pics later!
Tsh xoxox

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrapbookingfromscratch Retreat...WARNING: Page Overload!!!

What an awesome weekend, even though I wasn't feeling the best I still had a super time, scrapped with wonderful ladies and ate lol!! It was so nice to see Sar & M again too!! If you haven't been to one of these retreats yet or are thinking about it, then I suggest you DO!!

Below are the page classes, taught by Peta...

How awesome is this one-a transparency window!! You can't see the real effect because I have it placed down on the concrete.

Kate's bits & Pieces what I created and love these colours...can't believe I was organised enough to scrap my graduation pics already!

Below are all the other pages I scrapped on the weekend...

This page was a blatant scraplift from Peta-she is amazing! I love it!!
Thankyou for looking and hopefully I will update more if I can get any scrapping done lol!
Tash xox

Monday, October 12, 2009

And so, the final chapter is finished...

My Graduation ceremony for uni was at 6pm on Friday. Can't say I was too keen on getting dressed up, the robe, the hat, the whole ceremony thing-but I'm glad Mum convinced me to go as it now all feels complete and I am stoked that I graduated with honours (was a nice suprise when reading the ceremony program as I had no idea). Thankyou to Mum & Dad for changing their flights for their overseas holiday from the Friday to Saturday (I know it wasn't easy) and thankyou to Aunty Tracy, Georga and Beck who came shopping the day before because I had no idea what I was wearing lol. I was so glad that there were another 2 tickets available for Nan and Pop to attend (thanks Ben for understanding) and I only wished I could have had everyone there; there are so many other family members (Ben, Nan Turnbull, Val & Steve, the Green's, Laurie's and the Canberra Connection) as well as friends (you know who you are girls) who have helped me through these past 4 1/2 years and I have appreciated and continue to appreciate all you do and without your love and support I am sure I would not have been able to do this! From the bottom of my heart thankyou so much!!
Tash xxx

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Incubator gave birth!!

Finally, the wait was killing me! The incubator gave birth officially on the 22nd day (yesterday)...hatching ended this morning and we have 14 little chicks!! (12 pekins and 2 pekin x frizzle) exciting!!

Here are some pics...How cute is the little one sleeping on it's back!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hakuna Matata

I couldn't really think of any other title for the blog post hakuna matata it is-no worries, be happy; be thankful for what you have because there are always others who are so much worse off than yourself!

I have been sooo busy, I know I write this in almost every post and I'm starting to sound like a broken down record, but I really am!! This weather has been so gross! I finally scrapped a page yesterday and that's about as far as I got. All of a sudden Brad, Mishy and I found ourselves waking up on the lounge after a 2 hour sleep lol....well it was the day for it!!
Today however is another day: house-work, school-work, house-work, oh and did I mention school work?? lol Next week will be my final week of the temporary block. I am really going to miss that group of kids. I hope I have been able to make their last 4 weeks of the term interesting and special as they have done for me.
Other news....I am desperately waiting for the incubator to give birth!! Today is day 20 and I have been told that most of the time, incubated eggs come earlier...I will be soooo disappointed if they hatch while I am at school on Monday :( We have Pekin bantams and frizzle eggs in there and this is my first ever incubation attempt.
Below is the page I scrapped using an amazing kit available from scrapbookingfromscratch (click on the blinkie on the right-hand side of the blog). I am embarrassed to admit that I have so many unopened kits and product that I really really need to use them up before I buy any new product!! Oh....that's right, I already did at the scrapbookingfromscratch sale that ends today...25% off!!
Have a good one, whatever you are doing-Tash xxx

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a Weekend!

What a weekend....I had 90 school books to cover which in between marking and planning this weeks activities pretty well consumed my weekend. Thankgoodness I had Mum and Nan T here to help cover them!! We also had a visit from Val, the girls and kids on Sunday. We had a picnic lunch outise in the backyard and the weather was perfect for it!! The kids loved playing with the chooks and I wish they could have stayed are a few pics I took...

Thanks for Looking, Tash xxx

Monday, September 7, 2009

On this Monday...

I start my month block at Clarence Town P.S-I am so excited and exhausted at the same time lol...I spent Sunday at the school arranging the classroom how I'd like it for the 4 weeks...and I really hope the kids like it, there are things hanging everywhere and it looks so bright and inviting!! If only it was permanent....
Anyway, I know I'm already a slack blogger, but I may be even worse bc I'll be busy, busy!!
Have an awesome Monday everyone, whatever you are doing!
Tash xx

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scrap Day with the Girls!!

I had such an awesome day on Friday with Kate, Peta and Jaimy over for scrapping. I hadn't caught up with the girls in such a long time, let alone scrap-so it was such a pleasure to combine the two. And Peta, I'm so glad you still came after your drama filled morning with Sienna. Thanks chickie's! Here are the 3 pages I created...

Melbourne Retreat

I know, I'm slack! I have been sooooo busy though, lots of work which is great and lots of things happening around the house here-but as promised here are the retreat pages, finally!!

This page was the result of Sandie's class. Sandie, it was so nice to finally meet you IRL, you are such a sweetheart and I'm so glad I had the opportunity! xxx

These 2 pages were created as a result of Peta's class, loved loved it!! You are amazing chickie!! I still have to upload charm's class page I did, but I just have to add a photo first lol.
Thanks for looking xxx

Monday, July 27, 2009

Page Overload!

This page was a result of Peta's awesome blind challenge that she taught at the MD Fundraiser Day at Edgeworth. It was so nice to catch up with all the scrappy girls, especially before Melbourne!!

All of these pages were created using the 'Margot' kit available at for only $30! I have added some of my own cardstock-but 5 pages is seriously value!!

This page was created using Kate's sketch for the sketch challenge at scrapbookingfromscratch.

Thanks for looking, Tash xox