Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Away...

Hold onto your knickers Kate, another post! Hehehe

What a lovely weekend away! Brad and I decided that we needed to get out of the house and just relax somewhere for the weekend and we decided on the Blue Mountains.
We arrived late Friday afternoon and we both moped for most of it and weren't too enthusiastic as it was the first time since Mishy was born that we have left her at home without one of us there. She stayed at Mum's house and was pampered for the whole weekend and I think we missed her more than she missed us!
Lots of shopping and a bit of bush walking which really did seem like a great idea, until I realised I was wearing thongs, was carrying shopping bags from earlier on that day and that when I went to photograph some of the gorgeous waterfalls etc... I learned that my camera battery was infact dead-doh! Not happy Jan!
We stayed at the Metropol Guesthouse which was very quaint. Breakfast and a 3 course dinner was included every day. The room was like a match box, but because we were hardly in there it didn't matter. We also visited the artist Tanya Loviz's gallery & I loved her chekky artwork!! So much that we bought a bit of it...
All the pic's below are borrowed because of my camera...and I feel like a day of rest unwind from the weekend and to relax my aching calf muscles!

Print Titled: Bed of Sweet Sweet Dreams

Print Titled: Mixing Your Reds

And this one we bought as a Giclay (Canvas Print) which is an investment and comes with
an edition certificate etc... as they are limited edition.
It is appropriately titled Bring out the Bubbles.
I could have bought so so many more if the money tree grew bigger lol!
Thanks for looking,
Tash xxx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Long Weekend!

What a cracker of an Easter long weekend!! We spent a lot of the weekend at Mum & Dad's place as well as across the road at Nan & Pop's. It was extra special because it was 'our' year to have George (cousin Georga, pictured below) and Aunty Tracy. I don't think we stopped all weekend! Way too much food, bbq's, seafood, shopping, again!! Can't wait until we see you again next time! xoxox

Mishy playing in the sand...

I think Mishy has perfected the sad puppy eyes!

Brad & I xxx

Lucky there was feed in the bucket, otherwise Mishy wouldn't have been able to see over the top!

Mum posing...(didn't put up the ruder versions...George & I were in stitches!!)

My new Easter gumboots from the Easter Bunny!

Love this photo of nan and pop wasson and nan turnbull (my great nan) tucked in the middle there xxx

And finally, Mishy smooching with one of her favourite people...her Dad!
Thanks for looking,
Tash xxx