Sunday, November 22, 2009


I feel like I have been missing in action lately, haven't spoken to any of the girls...I really needto call them and if you are reading this, I haven't forgotten you, promise!! xoxo
Brad and I have been flat out lately!! Trying to get the things we want done before christmas! Our garden out the front is not finished yet, but so far looking awesome and I am so proud of it, given that I am not a gardener and most things die on me...but I have designed this one and it is living!! We have all the pavers ripped up from around the pool-it won't be re-paved by christmas as this was soooo expensive ($8000) but when we manage to get the scrunge out of the pool (brad is going to the pool shop mon arvo-phew!!) it will be swimmable and have a shade sail and that's all that matters really!!
Still haven't finished or should I say started my christmas shopping other than a few bits and pieces here and there-I need to be organised as christmas is at our house this year! And I can't wait to set up my tree after I bought some nice decorations at Myer in Melbourne when we were there....BUT we need to wait until a certain young lady i.e. Mischa has other accommodation other than inside during the day, beacuse if I set it up now we won't have a tree!! (Insert eyeroll, she can be horrid sometimes!!).
Apart from that I have been working flat out and my next non -working day is thursday, not that I should complain!! Off to New Moon tonight at the movies, can't wait!!!!
Will try and upload pics later!
Tsh xoxox

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrapbookingfromscratch Retreat...WARNING: Page Overload!!!

What an awesome weekend, even though I wasn't feeling the best I still had a super time, scrapped with wonderful ladies and ate lol!! It was so nice to see Sar & M again too!! If you haven't been to one of these retreats yet or are thinking about it, then I suggest you DO!!

Below are the page classes, taught by Peta...

How awesome is this one-a transparency window!! You can't see the real effect because I have it placed down on the concrete.

Kate's bits & Pieces what I created and love these colours...can't believe I was organised enough to scrap my graduation pics already!

Below are all the other pages I scrapped on the weekend...

This page was a blatant scraplift from Peta-she is amazing! I love it!!
Thankyou for looking and hopefully I will update more if I can get any scrapping done lol!
Tash xox