Friday, March 27, 2009

Mischa Comes 'Home'

Today I picked Mishy up from Nan's. It is just us home today and so far she has been a good girl...well actually she is running around the house crazy, chasing a pigs ear and not knowing what to terrorise first lol! Her mum Charlie was really good, although I still feel sad for her because Mishy was her only puppy...Wonder how tonight will go?? Will keep you updated!!

Tash xxx

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retreat to Main Creek

These pages were created with the guidance of Kate and Peta and I love them!!

Christmas 08-Friday night class instructed by Kate.

Em's 21st-Saturday morning blind challenge, instructed by Peta.

Beach Babes-Saturday night class instructed by Kate.

There was also a puzzle challenge on Sunday which I am very embarrassed to say, I didn't get to but I do plan on finishing that this week!!


Celebrate New Life-For Tams march sketch.

Jada & Nanny-For Bons monthly layout challenge.

Mishy-Using Bonsscraps awesome march girl kit!


All boy-An old photo that I had of Ari when he was little. I love this photo-you can see the little jumper that Nan Turnbull knitted for him xxx

You are my world- Love this page of Brad and I, very simple but I like it!!

Christmas 2008-Created by using Bonsscraps march girl kit!

A Brothers Bond-I LOVE LOVE this photo of Ari and Finn, its hard to believe that this was a random fluke and that they wouldn't sit still...Gorgeous!! xx

She is amazing! So, I scraplifted her! I just love these pages!! It took so much stress out of the 'thinking' and instead I could just create and know I would be happy with the end product-thanks chickie! xx

Green Thumbs-I love this photo of Jada and Ari in the garden-so cute!! Most of this page was created using a kit from scrapbooking from scratch.

Together Forever-Using one of the pics Brad and I had professionally done.

Yours or Mine? This is a funny photo of mum and I from you can see, there is no guessing what the competition was about...poor mum, she hates the look on her face-I'll leave it to your imagination as to what she said it looks like she was doing lol!

I bought a number of these kits on the weekend and was able to create so many pages from them! If you would like to see what is available, click on 'Peta' in my favourite blogs list.

Fishing-This page idea was provided in the kit as inspiration.

Giggles-Mum and Georga at Christmas, again this page idea was provided as inspiration in the kit.

Daintree Flood-I used the scraps from one of the kits to create this page. These photos are of the causeway Brad and I couldn't cross in our 'go anywhere getz' hire-care.

The Girls-I love this photo! It is of me when I was little, with mum and my aunty's. The layout design was included in the kit as inspiration.

Bath Time- Finny when he was little xx
I had an awesome weekend. Thankyou Kate and Peta for all the effort and organisation that went into the weekend and of course Mrs. Stuart who is just THE BEST COOK!!! xxx

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hakuna Matata

Miss Mischa- My First page using BONS March Kit....I just love it, love the colours, love the photo!!

I am also SO SO excited because it is only one more sleep now until Kate's Retreat to Main Creek! I plan on packing today and hope to arrive there at lunch-time tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a stack of layouts to share on Monday!
On the house front, there is still no news re: a settlement date...Our solicitor is checking everything out very thoroughly, so I suppose if she didn't then she wouldn't be earning her money lol. Hopefully we will know something by the end of the week...
And lastly, I have been allocated my internship school: Grahamstown Public School. I have heard that it is a fantastic little school and I really hope it is. I will be there for a whole term and have an all boys, stage 2 class.
I think thats all for now,
Tash xx