Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome Callie

Introducing Callie-the newest addition to our family. Callie has been with us for 2 weeks now and has fit in like she has been here all her life. We are overwhelmed with how smart she is and how quickly she has learnt to do things.

She is full of personailty and is so gentle with Mischa & Milli. Already she has grown immensely and has a lot more to do. It's funny how quickly you can fall in love with this Weimaraner breed!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Improvements

I said I'd share some photos, so here they are...The first incase you hadn't guessed is of Keith Urban. Some friends & I went down to see his show in Sydney and to put it mildly, he was absolutely amazing!! The support act-Lady Antebellum was also great. He came through the crowd & sang up close to everyone (you can see how close with the below picture!) as well as signing and giving one of his guitars away! If you ever get the chance to go see him, don't let it go.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo too. It is of the girls watching their Mum & Dad clean the house. Clearly it was just all a bit too much for them and they had to have a rest. It's a hard life...

Ok... now onto the home improvements. If you didn't know what out the back looked like well-some of the concrete was the natural colour and there was a whole section that was also RED-Yuk! We have recently painted it now and it is all ONE colour. It looks much bigger than what it did before and much cleaner!
And finally, here it is. The completed kitchen with glass splash back-all finished! Hooray! I love it and looking back at old photos I just can't believe how much of a difference there is!

Our new dining room table that can fot more than 4 people!

Thanks for looking,

Tash xxx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Productive Weekend!

What a productive weekend! Here are most of the pages I was able to do. I still have one that is not quite finished as well as 2 that whenever I load them, they load sideways-go figure?? And it doesn't matter how many times I change them.
It was so great to see everybody again at the Retreat to Main Creek! So well organised by Kate. Marion, LOVED your cooking as usual, you are amazing! Peta had her awesome shop there and I think everyone over-spent a wee bit and of course the laughs and good humour. Bev & Nat thankyou for your ear, always ready to listen & never to judge, I always feel much lighter afterwards xxx
And of course Michelle and her nifty tips, Barb for her endless donation of paint, Bron and her humour, Haylie for driving us there and sharing a room with me (very patient she was) and all the new faces!
It's a great feeling to come home and file all the pages away and see the albums grow!
Tash xxxxx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Year 2011

The Year 2011....what does this year hold for me? I decided that after my year last year, that 2011 has to be my year. Already it has started off amazing, Brad and I went to New Zealand, he proposed & I said yes! I was offered another year's full time at work, another Stage 3 class. The wedding plans are coming along great, with all the important things booked.

This year for me will be me. Enjoying the wedding planning, Brad & I will be saving really hard! Being thankful that I have another year of full time work & that it is a job that I love. Making time for family & doing 'little' jobs to the house that don't cost a fortune.

I had my Aunty Tracy up this weekend and she is now so into scrapping that she bought up all her stuff. I even scrapped 3 pages, which I would not have done if she wasn't here and so keen! I plan to do a lot more scrapbooking this year & I hope the new bi-monthly kits from scrapbookingfromscratch will encourage me! I looked at the page amount in my 2010 album and it was dismal! When I get a chance, I will upload photos of the pages as well as the final, completed kitchen with splashback!

Until then

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jess & Luke's Wedding xxx

Here are just a couple of photos from Jess & Luke's wedding. What a beautiful day & gorgeous wedding! Congratulations to them both-they are just perfect for each other!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

STOP THE PRESS! A New Family Member & Home Renovations...

Lots to share with you all... & I hope you're sitting down, because it's actually a decent, information filled post!

Firstly, I must introduce the newest addition to our family- Miss 'Milli'. A miniature black & tan smooth haired dachshund (what a mouthful!!) We have had her for nearly 2 weeks now and she is uber cute!! Mish loves having someone to play with but does get a bit sad when Milli gets cuddled at the same time!!

I have been scrapping! I just can't show you right now (I haven't taken any photos of them haha). For all of those who knew we were doing an album for Pop's 70th in July...just so you know, he really, really loved it!! There were lots of photos in there that he had not seen in a long, long time & thanks to the scouting of Mum, Aunty Tracy & Georga-they were able to make the album! I am going to take it to Peta's Retreat so I can show everyone. I cannot imagine photographing all the pages, it would take far too long!!

Speaking of which, I am so looking forward to Peta's retreat!! Think I need it...and of course catching up with all the ladies that I have not seen in far too long!
I had an invitation to go to Manning Point with some lovely ladies, but being as uber organised as I am-I got the invitation too late & had lots of appointments anyway that I couldn't miss for THE wedding tomorrow- would have been so nice to go though!!
A really good friend of mine-Jess, is getting married. It will be at Pepper's Creek Winery & I CANNOT wait! Knowing Jess, everything will be perfect! Must practise my reading for the wedding today...
Lots of home improvements have been going on....a new kitchen & if any of you saw what the old granny green kitchen looked like, I'd say it's an improvement! (still waiting on the splashback!), a feature wall of marble & then a fire in front of that & a new dining room table (& you know what a bigger table means don't you? Scrap day at my house!). It finally feels like it is all coming together!

Thanks for looking-bet I suprised you hahah.
Tash xxx

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo Share: Jack's 4th Birthday

Just thought I would have a photo share of Jack's birthday...have had these for a couple of weeks but just haven't got around to uploading them. Had a lovely day and the kids were so great. On a scrapping note-I have been scrapping and using some of Peta's amazing kits!! I just can't share any of it yet as it is for something special.
Very much looking forward to the school holidays (although some will disagree with me!) I feel like all I have been doing is living and breathing reports, marking and school work. Need a break I think. I also have the Canberra Connection coming to visit: Georga & Aunty Tracy and I am very much looking forward to seeing them and spending more than a weekend with them.
Thanks for looking,
Tash xoxox