Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Productive Weekend!

What a productive weekend! Here are most of the pages I was able to do. I still have one that is not quite finished as well as 2 that whenever I load them, they load sideways-go figure?? And it doesn't matter how many times I change them.
It was so great to see everybody again at the Retreat to Main Creek! So well organised by Kate. Marion, LOVED your cooking as usual, you are amazing! Peta had her awesome shop there and I think everyone over-spent a wee bit and of course the laughs and good humour. Bev & Nat thankyou for your ear, always ready to listen & never to judge, I always feel much lighter afterwards xxx
And of course Michelle and her nifty tips, Barb for her endless donation of paint, Bron and her humour, Haylie for driving us there and sharing a room with me (very patient she was) and all the new faces!
It's a great feeling to come home and file all the pages away and see the albums grow!
Tash xxxxx