Thursday, September 30, 2010

STOP THE PRESS! A New Family Member & Home Renovations...

Lots to share with you all... & I hope you're sitting down, because it's actually a decent, information filled post!

Firstly, I must introduce the newest addition to our family- Miss 'Milli'. A miniature black & tan smooth haired dachshund (what a mouthful!!) We have had her for nearly 2 weeks now and she is uber cute!! Mish loves having someone to play with but does get a bit sad when Milli gets cuddled at the same time!!

I have been scrapping! I just can't show you right now (I haven't taken any photos of them haha). For all of those who knew we were doing an album for Pop's 70th in July...just so you know, he really, really loved it!! There were lots of photos in there that he had not seen in a long, long time & thanks to the scouting of Mum, Aunty Tracy & Georga-they were able to make the album! I am going to take it to Peta's Retreat so I can show everyone. I cannot imagine photographing all the pages, it would take far too long!!

Speaking of which, I am so looking forward to Peta's retreat!! Think I need it...and of course catching up with all the ladies that I have not seen in far too long!
I had an invitation to go to Manning Point with some lovely ladies, but being as uber organised as I am-I got the invitation too late & had lots of appointments anyway that I couldn't miss for THE wedding tomorrow- would have been so nice to go though!!
A really good friend of mine-Jess, is getting married. It will be at Pepper's Creek Winery & I CANNOT wait! Knowing Jess, everything will be perfect! Must practise my reading for the wedding today...
Lots of home improvements have been going on....a new kitchen & if any of you saw what the old granny green kitchen looked like, I'd say it's an improvement! (still waiting on the splashback!), a feature wall of marble & then a fire in front of that & a new dining room table (& you know what a bigger table means don't you? Scrap day at my house!). It finally feels like it is all coming together!

Thanks for looking-bet I suprised you hahah.
Tash xxx

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Peta said...

OMG the house looks GREAT - you have the same fire place as us - it is awesome - we have had it for 8yrs....
I too cant wait for the retreat - it will be so much fun!!!
and as for your new addition - OMG too cute... cant wait for scrapday at your place :)